Vibrational Sound Therapy

"Featuring Zen Therapeutic Himalayan Singing Bowls"

All sessions are received on a massage table fully clothed with shoes removed. A blanket will be provided if desired. Please drink lots of water 24 hours prior and after each session for maximum results. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to stay and relax for at least 15 minutes after a session before driving.

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions

Price: 1-hour session $125

Price: 30-minutes session $75

This is a wonderful way too fully relax and to allow your bodies energy fields to become entrained with the soothing vibrational frequencies of the therapeutic zen bowls. Come enjoy an hour of deep mental and physical relaxation tailored to your specific needs weather it be the need for a mental time out or to work on self healing or heath. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy the sounds and vibrations as you move into a state of deep relaxation.

Don't have the time to spend an hour relaxing?

Take 30 minutes at lunch or after work to reset your mind and body by experience some deep relaxation. Life always looks better if you are well rested.

"The Oasis"

Three 30-minute Session

Price: $175

($50 savings)

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"The Retreat"

Four 1-hour Sessions

Price: $400

(A (savings) of $100)

Vibrational Sound Therapy Session Packages

Is the stress in your life making you sick?

Tailored to your specific needs, weekly sessions can assist you with staying healthy by giving you much needed down time your body and mind needs to heal.

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